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Air Rescue Systems
Ashland, Oregon, United States
Air Rescue Systems conducts advanced helicopter operations and rescue training for agencies worldwide. ARS provides unparalleled FAA 14 CFR Part 141 approved and certified course development and delivery to law enforcement, fire, military and SAR specialists across a broad range of mission profiles. Air Rescue Systems designs, tests and manufactures industry leading insertion, extraction and rescue equipment to support helicopter operations.
ARGUS International, Inc. / PRISM
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
ARGUS offers global aviation solutions; subsidiaries include ARGUS PROS & PRISMS. PROS provides safety audits including HAI accredidation, IS-BAO, ARGUS Platinum, and BARS. PRISM offers SMS solutions, is a designated IS-BAO support services affiliate and a recognized certification consultant.
BOLO3 Group
Escondidio, California, United States
Shallow Water Egress Training using MSWET. We bring the training to you!
California Training Institute
St. Helena, California, United States
Training Services-Human Factors, Safety Management Systems, Force Encounters Analysis.
FlightSafety International, Inc.
Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
FlightSafety is the premier flight training organization in the world. We provide training on more than 140 aircraft in Learning Centers the world over, and lead the world in simulator-based helicopter training. We specialize in focused learning programs on airborne law enforcement, parapublic and others that serve the public need.
Helicopter Institute, Inc.
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Initial and recurrent training in Bell 206 (all series), OH-58, and 407 aircraft. NVG training to include issuance of FAR 61.195 NVG Instructor endorsement. Additional course offerings to include CRM, Instrument, and other courses as required by unit leadership and instructional staff. FAA exams from PPL to ATP for all helicopter certificates and ratings. Flight Instructors exams also available.
Helicopter Safety Training, LLC
Keller, Texas, United States
Transition & Refresher Training in most Bell Helicopter models. Specializing in emergency and non-standard flight procedures.
HeliStream, Inc.
Costa Mesa, California, United States
HeliStream's helicopter flight training school in California offers comprehensive flight training programs from Private Pilot through ATP. HeliStream also provides initial qualification and refresher training for the AS350, EC120, MD500, MD530 and BH205, including all emergency procedures to touchdown.
HNZ Topflight
Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
Advanced operational flight training, mountain flying, vertical reference, slinging, recurrent training programs, turbine endorsement courses, float flying operations, helicopter license training, Night Ratings and night ‘Full On’ autorotations, Police Operational Flight Training, Police TFO ‘Flight Familiarization Training’ & TFO Recurrent Training with their Police Pilots. All training courses available on Bell 206B, Bell 407, Bell 212, AIRBUS Helicopters AS350 and EC120B.
Longhorn Helicopters, Inc.
Denton, Texas, United States
Helicopter Flight Training, Helicopter Charter, Helicopter Consulting Services.
Los Angeles Helicopters
Long Beach, California, United States
Law enforcement flight training facility, Part 141. Part 135 Charter. Robinson Helicopter Company dealer and overhaul facility. Part 133 Vertical reference-Long line course, ABLE consulting-training.
Lunsford Air Consulting, Inc.
Palm Coast, Florida, United States
Helicopter emergency training, safety audits, accident review, night vision goggle training, external load and bambi bucket training.
Priority 1 Air Rescue
Mesa, Arizona, United States
We focus on providing specialized helicopter rescue/special operations training, equipment and program support. Training is offered at your location or at our training facility in Mesa, AZ. We are your one-stop SAR shop.
Sinclair Community College
Dayton, Ohio, United States
Special Applications Group
Tampa, Florida, United States
Special Applications Group provides special mission flight training and academics and performs operation support globally on behalf of the US Government, law enforcement, and foreign clients.
Survival Systems Training Limited
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Underwater Egress Training for Rotary- and Fixed-Wing Aircraft.
Survival Systems USA, Inc.
Groton, Connecticut, United States
In conjunction with our Mobile Training Team and Groton Training Facility, Survival Systems USA provides air crews with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully egress a ditched aircraft, to survive in any environment and participate in their own rescue.
System Studies and Simulation, Inc. - S3, Inc.
Huntsville, Alabama, United States
Aviation training, Part 133, 135, 137. Aviation Maintenance, Part 145
Tomlinson Aviation, Inc.
Ormond Beach, Florida, United States
A full service helicopter facility. We offer sales, service, training and charter. We have developed a stronger focus on airborne law enforcement and offer new courses catering to each agency's needs.
Transaero, Inc.
Melville, New York, United States
Transaero is a proven distributor of aerospace products, serving the life support and military markets globally. Our in-house team with years of expertise, motivation and knowledge has ensured our customers receive quality, reliability and competitive pricing, making us the leader in the industry for over 60 years.
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California, United States
Aviation Safety Training
Western Helicopters, Inc.
Riverside, California, United States
Rotorcraft flight training to include emergency procedures in day and night touchdown autorotations, mountain flying, external load/vertical reference, primary training, helicopter instrument training, turbine transition and advanced training tailored to the law enforcement mission.