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Search Criteria: Category: Ground Handling Equipment
Hayden, Idaho, United States
The HeliWagon is the most advanced mobile landing dolly in the world, enabling the pilot or ground crewman to have a 360 degree walk around visibility with 100% positive control during aircraft movement on the ground.
J.B. Knowles, Inc.
Blue River, Wisconsin, United States
The Chopper Spotter® is a unique, patented machine to handle helicopters on pavement. It lets one person quickly load and move a helicopter with ease and unmatched safety for the helicopter.
Main Line Helicopter, LLC
Fairhope, Alabama, United States
Manufacturer of Helicopter Handler™ platform type helicopter ground handling dollies since 1967. Capacities to 15,000 pounds.
Paravion Technology, Inc.
Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
Manufacturers of aftermarket products for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft including airborne mapping, heating and air conditioning, FLIR mounts, searchlight mounts, snow pads, snow baffles, door openers, ground handling equipment, SAC long lines, pedal extensions, engine relight kits and blade folding kits.