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Search Criteria: Category: Mapping, Flight Following & Satcom Systems
AeroComputers, Inc.
Oxnard, California, United States
AeroComputers, Inc., based in Oxnard, California, has been designing, building and marketing computer systems that manage tactical operations for public use and military aviation since 1993. Currently employed by over 250 law enforcement, fire, military and other public safety agencies worldwide, AeroComputers is the industry leader in providing mission management systems that integrate high-precision GPS-based moving maps, EO/IR sensor command, video processing, and mission telemetry collection and transmission.
Avalex Technologies Corporation
Gulf Breeze, Florida, United States
Avalex Technologies Corporation is an innovative leader with almost 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of rugged displays, smart displays and tablets, digital video records, cockpit management units, mission computers and mapping systems for military and law enforcement organizations around the world. Avalex has grown as a company by harnessing leading edge technologies and developing and customizing products to meet the rugged demands of our customers. Please visit us at
Churchill Navigation
Boulder, Colorado, United States
Churchill Navigation, the leading producer of Augmented Reality and advanced mapping systems, offers street and parcel information composited on live sensor video. We are inventing airborne mission management and invite you to discover how simple and powerful our solutions are.
EuroAvionics USA
Sarasota, Florida, United States
EuroAvionics USA, a Florida-based LLC, designs, integrates and supports a high quality, cost-effective airborne mission management system that combines moving map, flight management, mission planning and safety-of-flight features in a single integrated situational awareness solution. LCX is dedicated to the needs of military and civil end users, and the prime and sub-contractors who sell to and support them.
Flightcell International, Ltd.
Nelson, New Zealand
Satcom, Tracking, Data, Avionics. Aircraft communication equipment, specifically satellite and cellular phone-based systems.
Latitude Technologies Corporation
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Latitude is a global provider of FDM, AFF and satcom equipment and services. Our SkyNode® and IONode™ products are chosen by fleet operators for every mission type. We hold 900 STCs for hundreds of airframe types. Our WebSentinel™ platform provides data and communications options to support fleet safety and operational efficiencies.
Campbelltown, Nsw, Australia
Moving map, target acquisition & identification software solutions for special operations mission management, navigation and gyro-stabilized camera (EO/IR) integration. MISSIONMAP specializes in integrated Moving Map for Law Enforcement, Special Operations, Emergency Management, Search and Rescue, Fire Fighting and Infrastructure Surveillance.
Macro-Blue, Inc.
Moorpark, California, United States
Design, manufacture & distribute optimized cockpit & tactical displays and surveillance mission platforms.
MetaMAP, Inc.
Lexington, Kentucky, United States
MetaMAP is more than a moving map. MetaMAP incorporates local parcel mapping data, aeronautical charts, topographic maps, and aerial photography into one system. It is appropriate for aircraft, as well as vehicles and desktop computers.
Paravion Technology, Inc.
Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
Manufacturers of aftermarket products for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft including airborne mapping, heating and air conditioning, FLIR mounts, searchlight mounts, snow pads, snow baffles, door openers, ground handling equipment, SAC long lines, pedal extensions, engine relight kits and blade folding kits.
Satcom Direct
Satellite Beach, Florida, United States
Satcom Direct is the leading provider of satellite voice and broadband data solutions for flight deck and cabin communications serving Business, Military, Government, and Heads of State aircraft. The company is a premier Inmarsat Distribution Partner, Iridium Service Partner and ViaSat Yonder’s preferred reseller, supporting more than ninety percent of all corporate flight departments worldwide. Satcom Direct continues to advance its services through mobile applications and value adds from flight deck datalink to cabin communications – making Satcom Direct the leader in aeronautical satcom service.
SkyNet Satellite Communications
Sparks, Maryland, United States
SkyNet Satellite Communications has provided Flight Following and Flight Management systems for over 10 years and is a global leader in remote telemetry service including high quality mapping and data.
SkyTrac Systems, Ltd.
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
SkyTrac Systems is renowned worldwide for providing the highest level of customer service in the SatCom industry. With over 185,000 daily transmissions to customers in 50 countries on 7 continents, our complete solutions enhance safety, ensure regulatory compliance and increase operational efficiency.
Spider Tracks North America Ltd.
Parker, Colorado, United States
Manufacturers of aircraft tracking and flight following systems - Iridium network, portable units, AFF approved, cloud based, innovative technologies using internal antenna. We deliver real-time tracking, messaging, 2 way text messaging, permanent data storage, and have many fleet users worldwide. Originally from New Zealand and now based in Boulder, Colorado.