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Search Criteria: Category: Thermal Imaging, Optical & Surveillance Equipment
McLean, Virginia, United States
For over 30 years ADI has been providing innovative solutions for critical needs in defense of our nation. We understand the two key factors every organization deals with today - increasing operational demand and responsibility; decreasing amounts of available resources. To answer this dilemma, ADI ISR offers high performance, affordable, easy-to-use airborne surveillance solutions. These modular, configurable systems allow customization based on mission requirement, as well as available budget. Performance, affordability, reliability, flexibility and simplicity - these are the elements we consider for every product and solution we offer. ADI ISR's goal is to get the best technology into the field, where it's needed, at reasonable prices ... all with outstanding customer support and training.
AirScan, Inc.
Titusville, Florida, United States
The Airborne ISR Company, and the home of the International Airborne Law Enforcement Training Center (IALETC).
Applied Video Imaging
Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
Applied Video Imaging designs and manufactures advanced rugged video processing, distribution, recording, and display products for the airborne, ground, and marine surveillance markets. AVI’s products, services, and solutions optimize surveillance sensor suites, enhancing the platform and operator’s mission effectiveness. For more information, visit or call 434-974-6310, toll free 855-974-6310.
ArrowData, LLC.
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
ArrowData is an innovative aerospace and data services company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada that specializes in persistent data collection, transmission, analytics, and distribution services. Our team of aerospace and information technology experts is committed to providing real-time critical data and video that advances our clients’ ability to conduct their operations. ArrowData is actively involved in the development of next generation sensors and their integration into autonomous operations.
Bison Aviation, LLC
San Antonio, Texas, United States
Bison Aviation, LLC provides full service maintenance, repair and sales for all airborne EO/IR and FLIR systems including legacy models such as the Series 2000, Ultra 6000, Ultra 7000, SAFIRE, and Inframetrics Mk I, II and III. Our support services are backed by our extensive in-house inventory of legacy FLIR parts which includes OEM components, airframe mounts and STCs, as well as complete, ready-to-fly systems. By performing component-level repairs, Bison Aviation is able to save customers thousands of dollars. Why replace a $5,000 circuit board when all you need is a $0.29 resistor? Customers, including private operators, local municipalities, federal agencies and military forces throughout the world trust Bison Aviation to keep their FLIR & EO/IR equipment operating in top condition. Whether your system is in need of a simple "tune-up", or you require a complete cryocooler overhaul, Bison Aviation has the inventory and expertise to meet your needs and keep your mission on course!
CanRep, Inc.
Mirabel, Quebec, Canada
Distributor of aeronautical and surveillance products including stabilized binoculars with NVG and digital recording/transmission capability, target tracking moving map systems, avionics equipment vibration isolation mounts and other aircraft parts.
Commuter Air Technology
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance and other airborne surveillance services providing real time Full Motion Video downlinks. Aircraft buying and surveillance system/performance modifications/integrations. ISR Tactics, Techniques & Procedures training. Supplemental Type Certificate development. All integrations & modifications are FAA certified.
Consolidated Resource Imaging
Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Consolidated Resource Imaging (CRI) is the world leader in Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) with over 120,000 flight hours in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) experience over the last decade. Our commercial turn-key WAMI system, LodeStar™, lets us put timely, accurate information in the hands of decision makers. CRI provides embedded network identification, event security over watch, Pattern of Life (POL) analysis, Search and Rescue (SAR), disaster relief over watch and traffic analysis services to the commercial sector, government and law enforcement.
Datatoys Video Systems by Bad Wolf Technologies
Mequon, Wisconsin, United States
High Definition Video Recorders and Cameras.
Flight Display Systems
Alpharetta, Georgia, United States
Flight Display Systems specializes in building ruggedized video monitors tailored to fit your mission. Our Special Mission products include: Aircraft LCD Monitors, Aircraft Computers, HD Video Backbone, Aircraft HD-DVR and The Flipper (Cockpit LCD). Visit for more information.
FLIR Systems, Inc.
Wilsonville, Oregon, United States
FLIR Systems, Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of sensor systems that enhance perception and awareness. The Company’s advanced thermal imaging and threat detection systems are used for a wide variety of imaging, thermography, and security applications, including airborne and ground-based surveillance, condition monitoring, research and development, manufacturing process control, search and rescue, drug interdiction, navigation, transportation safety, border and maritime patrol, environmental monitoring, and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE) detection. Visit the Company's web site at
Fraser Optics Corporation
Warminster, Pennsylvania, United States
Fraser Optics products, uniquely engineered with STEDI-EYE® Technology, give aviators and pilots a competitive edge by eliminating motion and enhancing clarity. Only Fraser Optics offers advanced gyro-stabilized products backed by proven performance in military and law enforcement mission critical operations. All Fraser Optics products have been tested under extreme conditions and are guaranteed to be reliable, precise, and unmatched in operational performance.
Fujifilm North America Corp.
Wayne, New Jersey, United States
Manufactures binoculars -- gyro-stabilized including models with night vision.
GasTOPS, Ltd.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
GasTOPS is an authorized FSI Repair Center for all FSI FLIR airborne products.
General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies
Grass Valley, California, United States
From motors and resolvers to multi-sensor gimbals to full-spectrum imagery enhancements, General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies delivers a full portfolio of gyro-stabilized camera systems and motion control components to provide our customers with the clarity, accuracy and reliability they need to capture the shot that matters and successfully complete their mission - day or night.
General Dynamics Mediaware
Canberra Airport, Act, Australia
Video capture and exploitation software.
Gyro-Stabilized Systems (GSS)
Grass Valley, California, United States
Ultra High Definition Airborne Surveillance Systems.
Hood Technology Corporation / Vision, Inc.
Hood River, Oregon, United States
Stabilized EO/IR Imaging Systems.
Infrared Tools LLC
Crofton, Maryland, United States
Infrared vehicle markers dramatically aid airborne law enforcement providing direction to ground resources. Markers visible to night vision and thermal imaging can help in the day and night to help identify ground resources. This lessens confusion and chaos, allowing the operation to succeed as quickly as possible. Contact us for help in marking your vehicles for easier identification.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
L-3 WESCAM’s MX-Series is a family of all digital, full HD, single LRU systems complete with high-magnification, large-aperture optics for superior range performance. Contact WESCAM for more information on our system’s image blending, MX-GEO and leading spotter technologies.
Lockheed Martin Gyrocam Systems, Inc.
Orlando, Florida, United States
Lockheed Martin Gyrocam Systems provides complete, cost-effective surveillance solutions for DoD and Law Enforcement customers. Systems are gyro-stabilized and designed with weather tight construction. Quick-change universal mounting platforms allow rapid integration on ground, airborne and maritime assets. This flexibility meets changing mission requirements.
Logos Technologies LLC
Fairfax, Virginia, United States
Logos Technologies LLC is a diversified defense and energy company specializing in system design and integration, remote sensing and exploitation, intelligence analysis, field operations, cyber defense, biofuel research, and advanced nuclear engineering. Logos is a leading producer of persistent-surveillance technology and is aggressively developing advanced capabilities.
Macro-Blue, Inc.
Moorpark, California, United States
Design, manufacture & distribute optimized cockpit & tactical displays and surveillance mission platforms.
Meeker Aviation
Oceanside, California, United States
Design, manufacture and sell special ops equipment specifically FLIR, Nightsun and microwave downlink mounts. Rapid door removal kit and various mission-specific equipment component sales.
North American Surveillance Systems, Inc.
Titusville, Florida, United States
North American Surveillance Systems, Inc. (NASS) is an aerospace leader specializing in military/police aircraft systems. Services/capabilities include installation and integration of EO/IR systems, data links, mission management, avionics, radios, STC mounts, weaponization, NVIS conversion, non-standard aircraft modification, MRO and wire harness assembly. Veteran-owned small business AS9100 / ISO 9001.
PanJit Touch Screens
Tempe, Arizona, United States
PanJit Touch Screens is a leading edge design and manufacturer of Multi-Touch Resistive, Resistive, Projective Capacitive, and Touch Window. Including 4, 5, and 8 Wire Resistive Touch Screens, as well as Controllers. Servicing various market segments and applications, including Military Notebooks/Tablets, GPS, Industrial Controls, Medical, IPC, Kiosk, Mobile Computing, Smart Phones & POS, just to mention a few.
Persistent Surveillance Systems
Xenia, Ohio, United States
PSS provides airborne and ground based wide area surveillance equipment and services. Based on a new generation 192 megapixel class sensor equivalent to 600 video systems, PSS provides up to 25 square miles of live surveillance coverage at resolutions allowing tracking of vehicles and people forward and backward in time. PSS supports major city police departments, major events security, and emergency operations with full surveillance operations and analysis. PSS support includes all systems required including aircraft, crew, sensor, processors, data links, ground command center, and analysts to support both short-term and long-term operations. For more information, contact us or visit our website at
Rapid Imaging Software, Inc
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
Augmented reality software to enhance the effectiveness of manned or unmanned surveillance missions.
UTC Aerospace Systems / Cloud Cap Technology
Hood River, Oregon, United States
Cloud Cap Technology is proud to support the airborne law enforcement community with a complete line of small, affordable, stabilized cameras. We are a leading provider of proprietary end-to-end avionics solutions for UAV’s, and sensors for both manned and unmanned vehicles.
Viewpoint Systems
Pensacola, Florida, United States
ViewPoint Systems designs and manufactures a wide range of rugged, sunlight readable, flat panel monitors. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by focusing on reliability and leading edge optical performance. All of our displays are backed with a comprehensive two year warranty. Please visit our website at
North Billerica, Massachusetts, United States
The Vislink V-Net Solution integrates the functions of airborne downlinks, video transmission, reception, and portable and fixed links to collect, manage and distribute live video, voice and data from the field to decision makers in realtime. Using wireless technology, local and remote viewers can connect and view realtime video on their laptop computer, tablet, or cellular phone.